What To Expect and How To Prepare

by Robert Hare Photography

Reservation: Once you have decided you would like to acquire my services you will be required to place a non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve your shoot. This is payable online directly through my site here:

Consultation: Prior to every portrait session we have a one on one conversation regarding what it is you are looking to achieve with your images. Along with my Makeup Artist and stylists we lay out a concept for you and a plan on how we want to approach your shoot. Locations are selected, inspirational images are shared, outfits selected and if necessary permits are acquired.

Day of the Shoot: Please be on time as my schedule is typically pretty busy and I want to be sure we have all the time needed to capture your images. If for any reason you are running late please call me directly so I can notify my team. We will have a predetermined meeting place and time agreed upon by all parties. Final payment is due day of the shoot so we try to get that taken care of prior to our session. We will review the photography contract, photo release forms and answer any questions you might have.

IMPORTANT: Feel free to bring anyone you would like to the shoot that makes you comfortable. My goal is to provide the most professional environment possible and your comfort and confidence is paramount. I only ask that you limit the number of attendees to a maximum of two. I also ask that you please let guests know that they are welcome to sit in during the shoot but I kindly request they reserve comments and suggestions unless otherwise asked by myself or one of my artists.

Hair: Come to the shoot with clean (not more than one day unwashed), dry hair and minimal product that might slow down the process.

Makeup: If you have reserved an artist for your shoot please know that it may take up to 2 hours from application and styling so being punctual is critical. It is important to show up with a fresh, clean face. If you moisturize, that’s ok but nothing else in terms of makeup.

Wardrobe: It’s a good idea to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes to the shoot to minimize lines on the skin that will need to be removed in post processing. Make sure any outfits that you plan on being photographed in are clean and neatly pressed. Any time it takes to steam out wrinkle in outfits is time we could be shooting.

The Shoot: Sessions typically last 2 to 3 hours and can range from a couple hundred images to 400 or more. I make it a point to shoot until I am satisfied that we have captured the specific looks we are trying to achieve. I will not rush the process simply because the clock says times up. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL MODEL TO BOOK A SHOOT. I will help guide you through posing and provide you plenty of suggestions to help achieve the best possible images. I am known for my patient and delicate approach to working with clients so please arrive feeling positive and confident.


After the Shoot:

I load all of the images onto two external hard drives and keep those drives separate from one another for security. The Primary Drive is used as my working drive and I will do all culling and selections within this drive. The Secondary Drive is kept in a secure location and holds all of the original backup RAW files in the event something happens to the primary drive. Typically images are loaded to your gallery 48 to 72 hours post shoot.

I do a full culling of the images in your gallery removing any unwanted images including lighting test shots, blinking images, out of focus or otherwise unusable shots. I keep the funny face photos for my own personal gallery though = hahahaha.

Once culling is complete all non-retouched images are loaded to a private, password-protected gallery where you can review your images at your leisure. The gallery is interactive so you can create, build, and share favorites list directly with me. See how this works here: Creating Favorites Lists

Once your favorite images have been selected and shared with me the retouching process begins

Retouching includes all but is not limited to exposure and color correction, blemish removal, skin contouring and tone correction, body reshaping, detail sharpening, stray hair removal, and any background or scene spot removal. *Non-standard image manipulation requests not included. See Image Manipulation for detail.

The final retouched images may take several days to a couple of weeks to be completed and delivered via email or download. If you prefer to have me choose your final images it will drastically reduce the timeline.

PLEASE NOTE: The rates listed above are for non-commercial shoots only. Commercial and or corporate shoots are provided via custom quote based on the desired usage and scale of shoot.

*Image Manipulation: Non-standard image manipulation requests such as head swaps, eye opening, extending the background, background object removal, and spot coloring, changing backgrounds or making composites and more, will incur additional fees at a rate of $50/hour.